Personal Training                          


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Bored of the gym

Not motivated

Losing weight but putting it on again

Wishing your body was more toned

Lacking core strength

Needing advice with your nutrition

Needing help with reaching a personal goal from

a 5k to a marathon


helping you to meet your goals.



COVOID-19 UPDATE 19th Mar. - Classes are going ONLINE.  All classes £9 per session.


To follow our class live from the comfort of your own home I will be using Zoom software.

Zoom is a video conferencing programme you will need to signup for an account and download some software.


You can signup here for a zoom account.  To view the classes you will only need a basic/free account.

To download the software required go to the download centre or follow sign up directions.


Once you have downloaded the software and signed into your account you are able to join meetings(or classes).


The class/meeting code and link will be posted here on the homepage -  Click  the link and if asked request to open the Zoom Meeting application.


Alternatively open the application. - sign in and

Select Join a meeting - enter the meeting code in the box and click to join.


Thank you. Hoping all my clients stay fit, healthy and happy.


 Could you use a personal trainer?


I can meet you at a suitable destination,

whether at your home or a gym

of your choice.


  If you prefer to train out of doors -

rain or shine - I am more than happy

to oblige.


   The most important aspect of my service is  


          and I am committed to your goals being met.  


   Goals vary in clients, some may

 wish to lose a few pounds and generally

improve their  physique whilst others

may have more specific sporting

goals in mind.


Men! - don't be put off by my

choice of are most welcome to attend any of my classes or training sessions

 (some do already).

Are you...

I can help!

Book a free fitness consultation NOW! Check for latest info and class changes

What Next?


Class/ Meeting codes will appear here:


Mon, 1st June 10am: ID 977 9753 4764, P/W 283573

Mon, 1st June 11 am: ID 995 3092 0575, P/W 365331

Wed, 3rd June 9 am: ID 974 8305 7089, P/W 231082

Wed, 3rd June 6pm: ID 981 8265 7277, P/W 204782