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  ALL CLASSES  - £63 for 8 weeks  - Pay as you go £10 per session - Bank Details: NatWest, (Haslemere (A) Branch,

                                                                                                                      Mrs Yvonne Grayson, Sort Code: 60-11-08

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  Monday 10 am - 11 am

  Headley Village Hall, Headley

  Term times:  12th March - 21st May (No class on the 30th March or 7th May)

                         4th June  - 30th July, (No class on the 16th July)

                         6th Aug - 1st Oct - (Bank holiday 27th Aug)


   Wednesday 9.15 am - 10.15 am

   Headley Village Hall, Headley

   Term times: 28th Feb - 18th April, 25th April - 13th June

                        20th June - 15th Aug (No class on the 18th July) 22nd Aug - 3rd Oct

                        10th Oct - 28th Nov, 5th Dec - 30th Jan 2019




   Monday 11 am

   Headley Village Hall, Headley


   Term times:  See above 10 am class - same times.




   Monday 6 pm

   Grayshott Social Club


    Term times:  9th April - 4th June, 11th June - 6th Aug (Away 16th July)

                         13th Aug -  8th Oct (Bank Holiday 27th Aug), 15th Oct - 3rd Dec



PILATES CLASSES- Mat Pilates - Hampshire

Emphasis is on:

 Strengthening core.


Mobilising the spine.

Flowing, graceful and controlled movements.

Breathing techniques.

Relaxation at the end of the class.


Don't be fooled into thinking Pilates is "easy" - it can be extremely CHALLENGING!


When I teach I am very interactive with my clients and adopt the 'hands on' approach

to ensure they are carrying out the exercises correctly.


Regular Pilates will increase your overall strength, particularly your core.

Posture and flexibility is greatly improved.

  * Prices vary depending on venue, so please contact me for latest prices and availabilty

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