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  ALL CLASSES  - £72 for 8 weeks  - Pay as you go £12 per session - Bank Details:  Please contact me for details.

                                                              for the morning classes only.      



  PLEASE NOTE: If you are a complete beginner

                             a one to one session will be necessary

                             before joining any classes below.





  Monday 10 am - 11 am, 11 am - 12 am

  Headley Village Hall, Headley

  Term times:

                        2nd March - 20th April

                        27th April - 15th June

                       22nd June - 10th August


   Wednesday 9.00 am - 10.00 am

   Headley Village Hall, Headley

   Term times:

                         4th March - 22nd April

                         29th April - 24th June  

                         1st July - 12th August




   Wednesday 6 pm - 7 pm

   Term times:                              

                          26th Feb - 22nd April

                          29th April - 17th June

                          24th June - 12th Aug





PILATES CLASSES- Mat Pilates - Hampshire

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COVID19 UPDATE - ALL CLASS ARE NOW ONLINE - See home page for details