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Personal Training


When you have decided that you would like the services of myself as a Personal Trainer we would meet up either at your home or at a mutually agreed destination.  This initial meeting is free of charge and it gives us a chance to see if we would be compatible (works both ways!).  To enable me to ascertain your goals and objectives I request that you complete a Lifestyle questionnaire which we would complete in our first meeting.  This questionnaire then gives me an indication of what you like, dislike, strengths, weaknesses, barriers, time constraints etc.  From this questionnaire I am able to determine the basics of your exercise programme.


If we proceed from there and you employ me to Personal Train you I would send you a Letter of Agreement.  We would then choose a date to meet up so that I can test your fitness (this may be a walk test, run test or step test dependent upon the level of your present fitness).  Other tests involved would be:  blood pressure, caliper (body fat composition), weight, hip/waist measurements.  Prior to these tests I would request that you take your resting heart rate first thing in the morning before you get out of bed and I would use the lowest figure given to ascertain heart rate zones (to be used in training).  I also ask you weigh yourself before we meet.


If you were interested in your nutrition and weight loss then at this point I would issue you with diary sheets for each day and for the next week you would fill in your nutritional details.


After the fitness tests and measurements (chargeable) we would then agree an activity (it may be more than one) frequency and which dates you would require me to assist you and train with you.


If you were filling in the diary sheets I would analyse a week's worth - reporting back on my findings e.g. fat, carbohydrate, protein percentages and overall calories.  I would have calculated your calories required to:

 a) remain at the same weight


 b) healthy weight loss per week.  


From your Lifestyle questionnaire I would have gleaned information about your activity levels which gives me the necessary information to do this along with your present weight.


After 6 weeks I would carry out all the tests as per our second meeting.  This would give an indication of whether we were achieving our goals (which hopefully we would be) and by how much.


Fitness tests and measurements are taken every 6 weeks but obviously as this is a chargeable service it is totally up to you as to whether you would want it.


MY SERVICE TO YOU IS FLEXIBLE: You may want the complete package or you may just require part of my service.  Some clients feel it necessary to take advantage of the 10 sessions to get them on track and then see me every two weeks - just to keep them on the straight and narrow.


ONE THING!!!  It takes TWO!  I can only suggest how often you should exercise (to what level and duration) and suggest what you can and can't eat and how much - it is up to you to adhere to suggestions to see the results you would like.  If this appeals then please contact me.......

  • Motivation

  • Experience

  • Nutritional Advice

  • Goal setting

  • Training buddy

  • Personalised programme to suit the individual

  • Constant updating of above programme

  • Warm ups and cool downs

  • Walking

  • jogging

  • Running

  • Cycling

  • Training for Competition

  • Marathons  

  • Advice on posture

  • Pilates based core exercises

  • Varied resistance exercises to shape and tone that body

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